Frequently Asked Questions

About Veriphone

Veriphone is a bulk validation tool and REST based API that validates phone numbers for all countries/territories of the world. Validation is based on the latest national numbering plans as published by the international telecom union and other public databases.

A valid phone number is one that is issued by any carrier in the world to its users, including satellite numbers. It does not necessarily mean that the number is currently reachable.

We guarantee validations according to the latest numbering plans published by carriers, with some latency necessary to implement changes. On the technical side we guarantee an SLA of 99.95% and scalability to thousands of requests per second.

Using Veriphone

No. Bulk validation is as easy as 1,2,3: Upload your CSV, validate, download.

If you need real-time validation using our API, contact us, we can help with the technical setup.

It depends on your usage. If you have a sustained monthly usage, a plan is more suited as the validation prices are lower. If your validation needs are rather occasional, pay-as-you-go is more suited as credits will never expire.

If you have both a monthly plan and pay-as-you-go credits, the monthly plan will always be used first.

We will respond with a standard 402 http status code. You can buy pay-as-you-go credits to continue using the API.

Paying for Veriphone

PayPal and most Credit cards are accepted via our payment partner Paddle. We also accept offline payments like checks and bank transfers. If you need to pay offline, please contact us.
We only offer monthly plans at the moment. We will be offering yearly plans in the near future.


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