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Clean your contact list and prevent fraud by validating phone numbers

Veriphone will validate, format, lookup the carrier and line type of any phone number.

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Instantly find if a phone number is valid or not. Works for all 248 countries and territories.



Rewrite any valid phone number in a standard international or local format.



Find a number's country based on its prefix or on the requesting IP address location.



Find a phone number's line-type, carrier and region, whenever available.

Bulk or API

Bulk Validation

Validate your phone numbers list in minutes: Upload your CSV, Validate, Download.


Real-time API

Validate phone numbers in real-time with our super-fast API go to docs


We take data privacy very seriously

We guarantee end to end encryption on all our services. Validated phone numbers are automatically and permanently deleted from our servers after every validation.


Choose from 2000+ integrations

Validate phone numbers on your favorite tools using our Zapier integration. Use our Zap templates to have your integration working in minutes. more about integrations

Cost Effective

Best rates guaranteed

Whether you need to validate a few hundred phone numbers or millions, our volume pricing guarantees the best rates on the market.


Veriphone saves you time and money

Veriphone's validation service has a fantastic ROI. Every invalid phone number removed from your lists is time saved for more profitable activities.


Outbound campaigns

Machines are not good at guessing. Feeding wrong numbers to auto-dialers and SMSing tools results in bad reach-rates and higher costs. By validating phone number lists on Veriphone, our users achieve better reach and lower cost.


Lead Scoring

A lead with a valid phone number has to score higher than a lead with a wrong number. Similarly, a mobile number may be worth more than a landline, while numbers from some countries may be worth more than others. Veriphone syncs with any lead scoring system to enable better scoring.



Veriphone will reliably append the country and region of any phone number. Which allows for automated dispatching of prospects over country or territory sales representatives. This automation reduces time to first contact, which in turn increases conversion rates.



Segmenting a marketing database is essential to creating timely and relevant messages. Veriphone provides extra parameters for segmenting any lead or customer database. Think country, region, carrier, and line-type.

Get 1 000 free verifications/month. Free forever, no credit card required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Veriphone?

Veriphone is a bulk validation tool and REST API that validates phone numbers for all countries/territories of the world. Validation is based on the latest national numbering plans as published by the international telecom union and other public databases.

What is a valid phone number?

A valid phone number is one that is issued by any carrier in the world to its users, including satellite numbers. It does not necessarily mean that the number is currently reachable.

How reliable is it?

We guarantee validations according to the latest numbering plans published by carriers, with some latency necessary to implement changes. On the technical side we guarantee an SLA of 99.95% and scalability to thousands of requests per second.

Do I need technical skills to use Veriphone?

No. Bulk validation is as easy as 1,2,3: Upload your CSV, validate, download.
If you need real-time validation using our API, contact us, we can help with the technical setup.


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