Special Notice for US Canada and Puerto Rico numbers

Phone-type is a major feature of Veriphone, it tells if a number is mobile, fixed line, VoIP, Toll Free, etc.

Why is phone-type not working for US-Canada-Puerto Rico?

Veriphone relies on government provided data rather than carrier data. US Canada and Puerto Rico share the same phone system where government authorities approve number ranges for use by carriers but do not pre-assign those numbers to line types. It rather leaves it to carriers to decide which number is mobile and which is land line. This scheme is unique to these three countries. All other countries pre-assign number types, separating numbers ranges of line types at country level.

Why is Veriphone relying on government data only?

Veriphone uses governement data only. We do not rely on carrier data for two reasons:

  1. Coverage: not all carriers open their networks for phone number validation types of queries. Less than 85% of carriers worldwide are open to protocols that allow such queries.
  2. Price: Carriers who allow phone number validation queries will charge per query, making the validation prices orders of magnitude higher than Veriphone pricing. Avoiding carrier queries makes Veriphone 10x more affordable than other services that rely on carriers.